Example Note Detailing the Landing Page Re-Write


  • Mission Statement
  • Quick list of features
  • A screenshot
  • An example note


Landing Page Overhaul


The marketing page for FlowNote needs to be revamped. The primary reasons for this are:

  1. The screenshots and information are outdated
  2. It allows FlowNote to upgrade to a newer version of Primer

Below is a rough draft of what needs to be added to the final version of the page.

Mission Statement

FlowNote's purpose is to be a simple, fast, efficient, flexible, and enjoyable way to write notes.

Find out more about what we mean by this

List of Features

  • Notes formatted with Github flavored markdown
  • Workflows for templating common patterns for the way you work
  • Powerful search for all your notes
  • Share any of your Notes with friends or colleagues
  • Tagging to organize your work
  • Drag and drop images into your notes
  • Keyboard shortcuts to optimize your workflow
  • Diagrams powered by Mermaid.js


Screenshot of editing a Note
Screenshot of editing a Note

Code Example

# The Greeter class
class Greeter
  def initialize(name)
    @name = name.capitalize

  def salute
    puts "Hello #{@name}!"

# Create a new object
g = Greeter.new("world")

# Output "Hello World!"

Diagram Examples

Gantt Chart

gantt title A Gantt Diagram dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD section Section A task :a1, 2014-01-01, 30d Another task :after a1 , 20d section Another Task in sec :2014-01-12 , 12d another task : 24d

Class Diagram

classDiagram Animal <|-- Duck Animal <|-- Fish Animal <|-- Zebra Animal : +int age Animal : +String gender Animal: +isMammal() Animal: +mate() class Duck{ +String beakColor +swim() +quack() } class Fish{ -int sizeInFeet -canEat() } class Zebra{ +bool is_wild +run() }